‘The Don’ drops another bomb

Using the kind of eagle-eyed, crystalline logic that is apparently in short supply at City Hall (the idea, even if there isn’t one), city watcher Donald Williams again lowered the boom, harshly criticizing Mayor Crystal Dingler’s costly (to the tune of a $690,000 check) firing of the former fire chief Bathke. If you’re about to say “yeah yeah heard it all before”: Williams unveiled two excruciating attacks. 1. Dingler saying at the last council meeting she couldn’t talk about the Bathke case — even though (as Williams underlined) the city by then had already written the big check. 2. As council was going into executive session “To receive and evaluate complaints or charges brought against a public officer or employee” — why wasn’t the same done after firefighters complained about Bathke, but before Dingler abruptly booted him?

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