How about weed-eating fish for the lake/canals?

As council talks about — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — how we need to “stop kicking the can down the road” on the water weeds, is there a low-cost, natural solution? “Even though there are a wide variety of safe, effective, and environmentally responsible herbicides that one can use, most folks are tickled to hear that there are two kinds of fish available that love to eat weeds. These two fish are theĀ Triploid grass carp and tilapia,” according to,Triploid%20grass%20carp%20and%20tilapia.

Worked in Florida, as described here:


  1. Eleanor Dorman says:

    I thought we already had grass carp in the lake!


  2. Leroy Alan Schuster says:

    We’ve had grass carp for years thanks to the Freshwaterways ‘Volunteer’ Corporation.


  3. Peter B Jordan says:

    We do already have grass carp. Approximately 7%(2600) of the number recommended by the highest rated consulting engineers in the state were planted after a long battle with the Wa Dept of Wildlife who freely admitted a bias against their use. After an 18 month intensive study funded by the city and DOE to which the Dept of Wildlife was given a place at the table(which was empty until the final meeting) the same Dept attended the last meeting and informed the city, engineers and volunteers that they cared less about the results of the study and that they had the sole power to dictate. End result; we never had anywhere enough carp to even begin to eradicate the % of biomass needed to reach a maintenance level. How do I know? At the time I was the president of the Fresh Waterways Corporation and myself, Jay Doyal and Joy Michaud put every single one on the system, some in buckets and some through tubes. Believe it or not, that was the “greatest success” the city was to achieve vis a vis the fresh waterways from there the path is all downhill. History does matter.


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