Sea Mar/OS offering walk-in vax

With the COVID-19 “Delta variant” spreading at alarming rates (one study showed its “viral load” is 1,000 times greater than the original COVID), more of those who were “vaccine hesitant” are deciding to get the shot. According to its website, “Sea Mar offers COVID-19 first dose vaccines either by appointment or on a walk-in (hours: 8-5, Monday-Friday) basis. For more information visit our COVID-19 Vaccination Page.
For information and resources regarding COVID-19 visit our COVID-19 page.

President Joe Biden has repeatedly encouraged all those eligible to get vaccinated. Former President Donald Trump — who went to the hospital for COVID-19 (and, once the vaccine was available, received a shot) — told a crowd in Phoenix yesterday he “came up with the vaccine” (via “Operation Warp Speed”) and “I recommend you take it, but I believe in your freedoms”

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