Weeds be gone! (Well, that’s the plan…)

According to the city, the Duck Lake System herbicide treatment is scheduled to begin July 26:
“Various canals and waterways within the associated canal system may be treated with aquatic herbicide(s) beginning July 26, 2021. No applications will be applied during the week-end or holiday of any given week. All canals and waterways are not targeted.

Product(s) planned for use: Diquat, Imazamox, Imazapyr, Triclopyr

Location of Treatment(s): Bell Canals, Grand Canal north of Bell Canals, Bass Canal, Fishhook Canal, Marrs Shallows, Blue Heron Bayou, Bridges Bayou, Ocean Wins, Otter Alley, Ballou Bayou, Raccoon Lagoon, Twaunnie’s Dream, Wanoona Ave & Sea Breeze Loop, North Grand Canal wetland area and Chance la Mar NE Bridge area.

Plants/Algae Targeted: Pondweeds, elodea, milfoil, pennywort, coontail, parrotfeather, duckweed and other associated free floating species that may produce recreational problems.

For more information please contact Northwest Aquatic Eco-Systems at 360-357-3285 or pondwees@comcast.net.

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  1. Jan Hiatt says:

    It would be so nice if we could use the original canal names! Also, many of us think the city should buy the dredge machine and trailer for approximately $100,000.00 and start to actually clean up the canals. It will take several years but the process will clean up the mess we now have. And, it will put so much less chemicals in the water!


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