OS bars and COVID

Pirates Cove and the Porthole Pub, two of the most popular elbow-to-elbow drinking venues in town, suspended operations this week, but only the Cove directly due to COVID-19. The Porthole Pub, after closing for a few days due to lack of supplies and staffing shortage (“after a busy weekend”), is back open for another big bike weekend. “We’re back OPEN today and are expanding our hours: Sun-Thurs: 8 am – 11 pm
Friday & Saturday: 8 am – midnight

Come by and see us! 🍻”

But at Pirates Cove, according to the bar’s Facebook post, will remain closed until July 29, after multiple COVID cases:


  1. Rebecca says:

    Why don’t you survey Oyhut and OBR. At least the Pirate Cove was transparent, it’s sad for the community as a whole. People be safe


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