‘Duck and run’ — or answer NBN questions?

Two candidates have replied to the North Beach News questions (see below), with a deadline of noon today fast approaching. Which of the other eight primary candidates will step up to the plate — and which will “duck and run“? **Edgar Schroll does not have email or phone on his county filing, anyone know how to reach him?

The questions for the NBN “grilled candidates special”:

-What, if any, do you assess to be major areas of concern in OS — and what if any are your plans to fix them?

-OS looks to be on pace for record revenues — what should the money be spent on?

-What are your thoughts on the firing and subsequent lawsuit of former OS Fire Chief David Bathke?

-What “fresh” ideas do you have to tackle the weed/algae problem on the city’s fresh water system?

-What is your track record as far as listening to and responding to complaints from citizens (and/or customers)?

-What are your thoughts on the golf course?

-With a strong field of candidates — why should someone vote for you?

-How would you communicate with residents especially in times of crisis like the pandemic?

-What is your vision for the town? Another Seabrook? Add marina like Westport? What do you picture the future to be?

-How do you feel about dumpsters on the beach and affordable housing?

What do you think about more crosswalks in the business area?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ed Schroll’s FB campaign page, with contact information:



    1. thank you! Found his email address from that link and sent it out to him


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