Disrespect … or disagreement?

“Have we really reached a stage where we can’t distinguish between disagreement and disrespect?” Citizen Jennifer H (won’t attempt the last name), speaking at this week’s city council meeting on an email she sent to an elected official about a decision she felt “was not in the best interest of the city…I was not expecting to receive a reply that my comments will not receive a reply as they do not meet the desire for respectfulness. This was somewhat surprising as my comments did not contain…anything disrespectful.” All she did, she said, was give an opinion that the official did not agree with.


  1. Anonymous says:

    There is no royalty in Ocean Shores, if I’m not mistaken. I heard Ms. Jennifer’s public comment.. was not disappointed, just telling the truth. The Mayor gaveled me a few years ago when she shouldn’t have..


  2. Anonymous says:

    Not sure how many remember, but a few years back during a council meeting (before the lockdown) I believe the mayor was the one who called us “The Peanut Gallery.” I’m wondering if that is why the mayor will not have “in-person” meetings. Is she afraid “The Peanut Gallery” might show up and voice their opinions.


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