Suggested Bathke investigation questions

Did Dingler know about Bathke was being investigated by another fire department when she interviewed him pre-hire?

Did the OSFD lieutenant she tasked with doing his background know about this?

When and how did the OSFD lieutenant obtain “The Maple Valley Letter” with allegations about Bathke? How long did he have it before sharing it with the mayor?

What is in it?

What did firefighters threaten to “go to the press” about if Dingler didn’t follow their orders? Was there any “quid pro quo,” with regards to the firefighters support of Dingler’s campaign?

Why did Dingler reject Bathke’s request for mediation, and instead demand a letter of resignation?

What kind of investigation did Dingler authorize, and why wasn’t Bathke interviewed by her investigator?

Why didn’t Dingler follow simple-to-understand policies (including “corrective action”) and instead toss Bathke overboard, setting up a lawsuit that was largely indefensible? Did Dingler seek legal advice before she axed Bathke?

If so, what was she told and I’d she follow advice?

How much will this cost the city in legal fees?

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