Press release: OS pays Bathke $725,000

While it remains to be seen where the money is coming from, rather than around $750,000, Ocean Shores apparently negotiated a slight discount in the Bathke case, according to a city press release: “The city of Ocean Shores has reached an agreement to settle monetary damage claims in the Bathke vs City of Ocean Shores breach of contract litigation. The agreement formalizes prior discussions and has been executed by both parties.

“The total amount of the settlement, which also included the dismissal of Mr. Bathke’s separate lawsuit against Fire Captain Corey Kuhl in state court, was $725,000 which included $690,000 from the City and $35,000 from the city’s insurance carrier.

“The city has recorded the charge in its June 2021 financial report, which will be issued today. The City Council may consider reallocating the damages payment from the settlement agreement to another fund. That action remained outstanding while the parties were engaged in settlement negotiations.”

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