Candidate questions — what do you want to know?

With the primary fast approaching, here’s what I have, so far:

-What, if any, do you assess to be major problem areas in OS — and what if any are your plans to fix them?

-OS looks to be on pace for record revenues — what should the money be spent on?

-What are your thoughts on the firing and subsequent lawsuit of former OS Fire Chief David Bathke?

-What “fresh” ideas do you have to tackle the weed/algae problem on the city’s fresh water system?

-What is your track record as far as listening to and responding to complaints from citizens (and/or customers)?

-What are your thoughts on the golf course?

-With a strong field of candidates — why should someone vote for you?


  1. Kate Syris says:

    Communication: seemed to be a huge issue during covid. Not consistent and not everyone has acess to all methods. How would you deal with this?


  2. Teresa Roos says:

    What is your vision for the town? Another Seabrook? Add marina like Westport? What do you picture the future to be?


  3. Melissa Tolke says:

    We need dumpsters on the beach and safer ways for people on foot to navigate through town..I want to hear ideas on both issues. Also affordable housing for employees.


  4. Anonymous says:

    There are so many issues…and it seems nothing ever gets done…put on “future agenda items.” Forever. Updating code and ordinances, and enforcing them. Hire another real code enforcement person to oversee the hundreds of lots being cleared in violation, and the dozens of heavy equipment using our roads. Making Point Brown safe for tourists. I feel the businesses should share an interest in making customers safe while shopping. Crosswalks, at the very least. Fresh waterways, and not the murky canals we have now. The city and local real estate companies sell waterfront lots. I hope that we can vote people who truly care for the community, and are willing to represent the citizens of the city, and are not only for their own personal interest. I am appalled that the Mayor has not apologized to the citizens for her bad judgement that cost the city a million dollars. She should have resigned, period.


  5. Diane C. says:

    There seems to be an increase in homeless people in the city. How is this being addressed?


  6. Jim Hummer says:

    I support anyone that will legalize chickens


  7. Great questions by everyone! Tom, where should these be listed and answered by candidates?


    1. I’ll be emailing them


      1. Anonymous says:



  8. Jan Hiatt says:

    I support those that will actually read the city documents, try to understand where our money is being spent, want to keep the city clean and actually enforce the codes, including requiring all permits in place prior to clearing and building on the lots, require a proper bidding process before hiring a contractor, etc.


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