How will the city spend all this money?

The 2021-22 budget show OS is lookin’ good: 13% UP Building Permits
2% UP Hotel / Motel Tax
4% UP Property Tax
21% UP Real Estate Excise Tax
10% UP Sales Tax

“Record-breaking tourism June—November 2020”

New Positions Planned in 2021-2022
1 new firefighter in 2021 to reduce overtime
3 new firefighters to staff the south station,
via a partial funding SAFER grant for 2022-2024.
No other new FTEs are planned although the City
may need to readjust or require temporary help

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about hiring another code enforcement person, to actually enforce the codes of this city?? We have a dog catcher, and that’s all he does. The lot clearing is shameful, and at record speed. It’s ridiculous, and nothing is being done about it. In fact, the Mayor seems pleased, as more money is coming into the city for her to spend.


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