Rich responds; Pat piles on

Commenting on the post here about Rich Hartman’s council campaign spending, Tigger Gramma pondered, “The question remains: Why would someone spend that much on a job that pays $4200/year?” To which, Hartman promptly responded, “The future of Ocean Shores is worth it to me. I plan on donating any money I receive from the City if I am elected. How you do anything, is how you do everything…..I plan on giving Ocean Shores my best, and I plan on running a good, professional campaign, just as I would in any other endeavor I take on.” Not to be left out, Patric Hayes — also running for OS Council Position 7 — promptly added on, “I do not accept campaign contributions. Everything I spend campaigning is out of my own pocket. To date I’ve spent roughly $1,100. I will be donating any money from being on Council to a friends cancer treatments.”

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