Rich Hartman is $eriou$ about this!

Running for Ocean Shores City Council, Aberdeen car seller Hartman contributed $15,000 to his campaign — and in two months has spent more than $10,000. By comparison, Mayor Crystal Dingler only raised/spent about $12,000 in her 2019 reelection campaign (Hartman tossed $500 Dingler’s way). Hartman’s seat 7 competitors? Patric Hayes and David Linn both report NO MONEY RAISED. Those two are using the “mini-reporting option” (“Neither aggregate contributions nor aggregate expenditures exceed five thousand dollars; and (b) No contribution or contributions from any person exceed five hundred dollars in the aggregate.”)


  1. The question remains: Why would someone spend that much on a job that pays $4200/year?


    1. Rich Hartman says:

      The future of Ocean Shores is worth it to me. I plan on donating any money I receive from the City if I am elected. How you do anything, is how you do everything…..I plan on giving Ocean Shores my best, and I plan on running a good, professional campaign, just as i would in any other endeavor I take on.


    2. Gudrun Loewers says:

      I believe, he wants to use his money to shape this town to his likings. He moved here, and now he wants to fix up his play grounds. It mainly comes down to the golf course. For whatever Curt Zander was spending $163.50, he.obviously spend it to get Rich Hartman elected. Curt Zander is renting the golf course from the city for $16,000/year. He is allowed to keep all the profit but the cost for maintenance is on the city…us, the taxpayers. Rich Hartman said on his video ( which has miraculously disappeared), that he wanted a top notch golf course in order to compete with Westport. I like the golf course for keeping open space but I think it is fine as it is.


  2. Patric Hayes says:

    I do not accept campaign contributions. Everything I spend campaigning is out of my own pocket. To date I’ve spent roughly $1,100. I will be donating any money from being on Council to a friends cancer treatments.


    1. Loren says:

      I am curious why James Walsh .. the yellow star wearing representative from the 19th district… is such a huge supporter of Mr Hartman. One has to look at the company Mr Hartman is keeping with the candidates supported by Ignite to wonder what his motives are?? These are not friends of our current mayor and her group of supporters yet Mr. Hartman claims to be on the same team as the mayor ??? Something is not adding up here !!! Glen Morgan (the articles on the mayor and corruption) is a great friend of James Walsh !!! Playing both sides of the coin here ???


  3. Odis says:

    All Richard Hartman wants to do is change city codes exspecialy building codes so he can develop his own property he’s only for himself. People are also concerned how R. Hartman talks down to people and called one person a liar online. He’s not getting my vote.


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