Mutiny at the Firehouse, Part 4: Payday?

A “Satisfaction of Judgment” court document filed today shows the $751,847 judgment + costs awarded to former Fire Chief David Bathke — who sued the city after a rebellion by his firefighters led Mayor Crystal Dingler to abruptly fire him — has been “fully paid.” If so, the city avoids a payment plan with interest that could double (if not more) the judgement — but where is three-quarters of a million dollars coming from? Which fund(s)?


  1. Dan says:

    General Fund, I suppose. Supposedly the City had a very good year economically, but whatever excess there may have been will now probably be used to pay off the lawsuit. It also means that several projects that could have been worked on, won’t be.


  2. Peter Jordan says:

    The real cost is over a million if attorney fees and employee time is counted. The real sadness is that not once has the responsible individual publicly addressed this or expressed regret: apparently “she who must be obeyed” doesn’t feel the need to keep the “little people” in the loop.


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