NBN taking no position on mayor resigning

Subsequent posts here will analyze the true cst of the $734,000 lawsuit former Ocean Shores Fire Chief David Bathke won, with a judge agreeing Mayor Crystal Dingler improperly fired him. Important note: While reporting on those citizens who spoke at council meetings demanding Dingler resign, as well as her defender (just on publically, so far), the North Beach News is taking no position on this. Maybe some of those who reelected her by three votes over challenger (and currently councilwoman) Susan Conniry in November 2019 would have changed their votes, if they knew what was unfolding in a lawsuit … or maybe not.


  1. leeschst@aol.com says:

    Hello.  Are you the bouvier owner Tom of a few years ago?  How long have you been back in town?


    1. Yes, that’s me. Back in town — virtually– with this publication about two weeks. Physically in Arizona but hoping to be in the Shores this summer


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