‘Step down gracefully while you still can’

‘Madam Mayor, for the good of the community, you must resign’ …Wow, apparently more than a few ‘munchkins’ want ‘The Wizard of OS’ to resign, citing the lawsuit over the fire chief being fired, another pending lawsuit and general discontent with the way she is running our fair city-by-the-sea. Audio from a mid-June council meeting, in which one commenter not only asked the mayor to resign, but complained that previous minutes mostly ignored similar calls from the public. Link to video of the meeting (unless it gets taken down)


  1. Gynene says:

    I have spoken several times and respectfully told her to resign. Many others have and there’s a group who wish to recall her. She has her own agenda and doesn’t care about the citizens of the community. She has cost the city over a million dollars, and there are many, many reason she needs to go and take her minions with her.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The Mayor has a job to do and she does not need to step down. People need to get over themselves and realize a chance to win any lawsuit is 50/50. She lost and it is time to move on. Had she followed protocol, I believe the Chief would have sued anyway and in todays world, our City probably would still end up paying him something. Fair? No. Reality? Yes. This election is about City Council. People need to stop muddying the waters with the Mayor. She doesn’t even vote unless there is a tie.


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