Can OS handle this 4th?

With just about every hotel and motel room booked — is more police/firefighter backup needed? At Monday night’s council meeting, City Administrator Scott Andersen suggested Ocean Shores barely made it through last weekend, with four surf rescues, 12 cases where two ambulances were making runs at the same time and four cases where three ambulances were on calls simultaneously. And, “We have some extremely dry weather.” With the likelihood of thousands of untethered tourists and ready-to-party locals shooting off fireworks (legal and not) all over the place, it’s a frightening scenario. Past Fourths have unleashed some frightening dune grass fires. But, Andersen pledged, “The Ocean Shores Fire Department is prepared, they’re ready for the 4th of July weekend … Our fire department is really being pushed, we have brought in extra people for the 4th of July weekend.” Watch the meeting (Andersen at 13-minute mark):

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