Who wants a new cop shop?

Guess my Locals Only “copamedics” idea (combining police and firefighter/paramedics) didn’t fly. Looks like your leader will push for a brand new cop shop at tonight’s council meeting. From the agenda:

A Request of the City Council of the City of Ocean Shores, Washington, to approve a Police Department Building Study to determine the comparative cost of building a Police Station from the ground up.

         Presented by: Mayor, Crystal Dingler


  1. Judi says:

    The current police station appears to be quite small and outdated. With the growth of population it seems reasonable to build a new police station that will service the community into the future.


  2. Paula says:

    Our City has grown and yes, we need a new cop shop. We also need the fire dept at the South end to be manned 24 hours to help with insurance fire rates for those homeowners and to also implement better response ties at that end of town. The new cop shop does not need to be on Pt Brown in a prime location, but we do need one.


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