Longview chlorine plant trouble causing water woes

According to KIRO TV Channel 7, a production issue at a Longview chlorine plant is causing cities around Washington and Oregon to urge conservation. The city of Puyallup reported a 90-day supply of chlorine.

From Portland Channel KATU 2: “A power outage at a key facility that produces chlorine to treat drinking water and sewage in the Northwest has put state officials on alert. … A blown transformer caused the power outage, which took Westlake Chemical, a facility in Longview, Washington, offline. “Matt Marheine, deputy director of operations at Oregon’s Office of Emergency Management, said Westlake is the only provider of chlorine to water- and water-treatment facilities in the Northwest.

“Marheine said it was expected the power would be back on June 28 or June 29 and production of chlorine at Westlake would begin the next day.

Big facilities, like in Portland, are likely not going to be affected by the shortage of chlorine. In a news release, the Portland Water Bureau said it had enough supply of the chemical to last for the expected duration of the disruption.

But smaller facilities could be impacted. Late Thursday night, officials in Lake Oswego and Tigard asked its water users to voluntarily reduce usage to “help minimize potential mandatory conservation.”

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